We first saw smokeable CBD Flower a few years ago in a few shops here and there in Colorado and at the time we assumed that maybe you would have a few people here and there that would rather smoke CBD flower than vape, take a tincture or some other form to obtain their CBD’s, well we were extremely wrong.  In early in 2018 we started getting requests for smokeable flower, with orders coming from smoke shops, convenience store distributors, kiosks, medical facilities etc. Then, when one of these requests came from a hospital that was looking to treat pregnant women with smokeable CBD flower instead of allowing the women continuing to smoke cigarettes, we decided to start distributing wholesale CBD Flower in the EU.  

With Niche Exports already having a CBD Import/Export license in the EU via our office in Rapperswil, Switzerland it made it easy to set up distribution.  Ever since we started distributing, we have continued to see the trend of people moving away from smoking cigarettes and looking to smokeable CBD Flowers. Needless to say, that was a great decision on our part to start distributing wholesale CBD Flower as the appetite for smokeable CBD flowers has grown dramatically in the EU and only continues to rise.

Smokeable CBD Flower in the US

Now let’s talk about the US, its all been very similar here, as the smokeable CBD flower trend has also seen a dramatic increase here in the US.  Even more so since the new US Farm bill has passed, it has really opened up the doors to the US market’s rise in smokeable CBD flower. You are now starting to see CBD flower in more and more places, not just smoke shops or your boutique dispensary, we are talking gas stations & naturopathic stores. With this increased interest in the US for smokeable CBD flower, we are now getting requests daily for bulk wholesale CBD Flower orders from all over the states.

in lieu of this, we are now looking for additional farmers that are growing high CBD, low THC strains.  If you are growing, please feel free to reach out and let us know, we’d love to partner up with you and help you get your product into the marketplace.  Click here to contact us