What is smokable CBD industrial hemp flower?

Hemp flower is the flowering part of a hemp plant, typically referred to as a bud. These look very similar to cannabis buds, which are typically harvested, dried, and then smoked. 

While hemp flower may look like cannabis flower, there is an important difference between the two – their cannabinoid content. 

Hemp flower, particularly industrial hemp flower, contains very low THC levels and higher levels of CBD than cannabis flower. Industrial hemp flower in most countries must contain very low THC levels, typically less than 0.3%. Because of this, you can expect to experience different results from smoking industrial hemp flower than cannabis flower. 

Can industrial hemp flower get me high?

Because industrial hemp flower contains very low THC levels, you won’t experience any kind of “high.” THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, so, without it, you won’t experience any intoxicating effects. 

Industrial hemp flower does contain high levels of CBD. However, CBD is not psychoactive. 

Why smoke industrial hemp flower?

While industrial hemp flower won’t get you high, one reason people choose to smoke it is because of CBD’s therapeutic effects. 

Research tells us that CBD has demonstrated an ability to induce a range of therapeutic effects, including:

  • Reducing inflammation (1)
  • Improving anxiety and depression (2, 3)
  • Reducing pain (4)
  • Improving skin conditions (5)
  • Improving sleep (6)

Is smoking an effective way to consume CBD?

Smoking CBD has a high bioavailability, meaning that a high amount of CBD reaches your bloodstream to induce its effects. Studies have shown that cannabinoids can reach a bioavailability of 30% on average when smoked (7). 

Thanks to the high permeability of the lungs, CBD can easily be absorbed into your bloodstream when smoked as industrial hemp flower. 

With its various health benefits and high bioavailability, it’s not hard to see why industrial CBD hemp flower is growing in popularity.